For upward-opening flap doors.
Equipped with:

  • Lift assist (to make flap doors feel lighter)
  • Free stop (holds position at any angle from 30° to 70°)
  • Soft-closing (slows down closing speed to prevent slamming between 0° and 20°)
  • Successfully passed 30,000 open/close cycles in a private test.
  • 2011 Good Design Award Winner
  • Placed at the top of interior of the cabinet, significantly reducing dead space and not getting in the way when installing shelves.
  • No hinges or connecting bars are needed.
  • Easy alignment: Simply press the body to the top of the interior of the cabinet and align the front flush with the cabinet.
  • Fast and easy installation: Body is attached to mounting plate (on flap) by simply snapping it in.
  • If flap is within specification, does not require torque adjustment post installation.
  • Material: Steel/ABS
  • Flap Mounting Material: Wood.
  • Finish/Color: Nickel/Light Blue.

Parts Included:

  • Mounting plate  (2 pcs)
  • Countersunk head tapping screw 3.5×38 for main body (6 pcs)
  • Binding head tapping screw 3.5×15 for mounting plate (4 pcs)

Download mounting instructions

Download catalog page.

To calculate Lifting Power

Door height (mm) x (Door weight (kg) -1)