MonoFlat LIN-X600


MonoFlat LIN-X600. When opening or opened, cabinet doors will not get in the way. Unique and innovative design.

  • Overlay installation that is flush with wall on both sides.
  • Full access to cabinet interior: door will not get in the way when fully opened.
  • Smooth operation: door is easy to move with little resistance no matter the position.
  • Soft-closing: built-in damper makes door close gently, preventing slamming.
  • Easy installation: Snap-in type installation. Same type of surface installation as concealed hinge mounting plate.
  • Various applications including corner doors, double doors, overlapping doors.
  • Maximum door weight: 9 kg.
  • Door width: 550–650 mm, height: 600–900 mm, thickness: 15–24 mm.
  • Door is automatically pulled into pocket.
  • Free access to the entire cabinet front when doors are opened.
  • Room-high designs without a cabinet base allow for recess enclosures and walk-in cabinets with uninterrupted flooring. Adjustments are made from the front.
  • This product is suitable wherever variable use of space and unobstructed access must leave an impression of order, for example for a private office in a bedroom, kitchen appliances, or bathroom.
  • Unique scissor technology accommodates large and heavy doors.
  • The connector profile makes it easier to assemble cabinet designs with doors striking against the top and bottom cabinet sections. Certified LGA.


Material: Steel/Aluminium.

Finish: Nickel/Anodized.

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£232.66 (ex. VAT) £279.19 (inc. VAT)