CONCEALED HINGE HES2S-140-A125 Surface Mount


Can be used on slim-framed and frameless doors because no frame mortising is required.

  • Load Capacity : 50kgf/2pcs, 65kgf/3pcs.
  • Door Width : Max. 900 mm.
  • Door Height : Max. 2700 mm.
  • Door Thickness : Min. 38 mm.
  • Opening Angle : 125°.
  • 3D Adjustability : Vertical:±3mm Horizontal:+1mm Depth:±3mm
  • Easy to install : No mortising is required on the frame side.
  • Surface mount for door frame enables easy installation.
  • 3-way adjustment function allows vertical, horizontal, and depth adjustment after hinge installed.
  • Remarks
  • Use with a door stopper, etc. to prevent opening farther than 125°.
  • The hinge cannot be divided between the door and frame
  • Parts included
  • Countersunk head tapping screw 4×20 (8 pcs/hinge) Steel
  • Door side drilling/frame side mounting template

Technical information

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