Folding doors system PS23


  • Folding doors system PS23.
  • No bottom rail.
  • Ball bearing wheels.
  • Maximum load capacity 25-50 kg per pair of panels.
  • Panels’ height, width and thickness are not limited.
  • This system is for wooden doors or doors with aluminum frame (min 50 mm width).
  • It is recommended to install the bottom rail when the doors are high and narrow to achieve a maximum stability.
  • Smooth working.


Installation instructions.



£1.09£103.15 (ex. VAT)

All Variations

SKUPriceDescriptionQuantityAdd to Cart
CI.PR23731A.610£103.15 (ex. VAT)Upper rail, L, mm 6100, Polished silver color
CI.PR23731A.302£51.58 (ex. VAT)Upper rail, L, mm 3020, Polished silver color
CI.PS23KS1001£32.04 (ex. VAT)Left side mechanism, Load capacity 25-50 kg
CI.PS23KS1002£32.04 (ex. VAT)Right side mechanism, Load capacity 25-50 kg
CI.PS23KS1003£27.54 (ex. VAT)Left side mechanism, Load capacity up to 25 kg
CI.PS23KS1004£27.54 (ex. VAT)Right side mechanism, Load capacity up to 25 kg
CI.PS23CO8E01£5.06 (ex. VAT)Cover for mechanism, Grey color
CI.CL01105042£1.09 (ex. VAT)Central hinge, Zinc plated
CI.PR23731A.152£25.78 (ex. VAT)Upper rail, L, mm 1523, Polished silver color
CI.PS23KI1001£21.49 (ex. VAT)Set of bottom mechanism when installing bottom rail, Load capacity +25 kg, Grey
CI.PR235572.149£12.85 (ex. VAT)Bottom rail, L, mm 1495, Silver color
CI.PR235572.299£25.68 (ex. VAT)Bottom rail, L, mm 2997, Silver color
CI.PR235572.600£51.37 (ex. VAT)Bottom rail, L, mm 6000, Silver color
ID.344.100.061£3.13 (ex. VAT)Central hinge, adjustable, Nickel plated