• Maximum door weight: 25-50 kg.
  • Door width: 300–900 mm, height: 1250–2850 mm, thickness: 19–50 mm.
  • The connector profile makes it easier to assemble cabinet designs with doors striking against the top and bottom cabinet sections.
  • Door is automatically pulled into pocket.
  • Well thought-out shock absorber in the end positions provides a high degree of movement comfort.
  • Unique scissor technology accommodates large and heavy doors.
  • All components are screwed onto the intermediate panel.
  • Wall recesses can be concealed without a cabinet body.
  • The same set can be used for left and right hand side applications.
  • Its advantages are obvious wherever variable room utilization and unobstructed access should leave a tidy impression, for instance the home office in the bedroom, or to hide appliances in the kitchen or the washing machine in the bathroom. Even walk-in cabinets are realizable. Certified LGA.


HAWA planning tool.

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£59.18£1,081.74 (ex. VAT)

All Variations

SKUPriceProduct typeDoor height, mmLoad capacity, kgQuantityAdd to Cart
HAWA27648£735.96 (ex. VAT)Set for one1250-182025
HAWA27649£790.95 (ex. VAT)Set for one1851-230030
HAWA27651£1,081.74 (ex. VAT)Set for one2301-285050
HAWA27650£1,033.98 (ex. VAT)Set for one1851-250040
HAWA23221£59.18 (ex. VAT)Holder 55 mm, for one maximum 30 mm thick door, L=650 mm--
HAWA23223£150.88 (ex. VAT)Holder 110 mm, for two maximum 28 mm thick doors, L=650 mm--
HAWA23225£113.07 (ex. VAT)Fixing element for holder HAWA23223--

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