Hawa Folding Concepta 25


Hawa Folding Concepta 25

  • Easy, quiet operation thanks to soft closing mechanism and hinges with integrated soft closing mechanism.
  • Bigger stability during the closing than before.
  • Max. door weight: 25 kg (per pair of panels 50 kg).
  • Door width: 300–700 mm.
  • Door height: 1250–2600 mm.
  • Door thickness: 19–28 mm.
  • Free access to the entire cabinet front when doors are opened.
  • Room-high designs without a cabinet base allow for recess enclosures and walk-in cabinets with uninterrupted flooring.
  • Adjustments are made from the front.
  • 2120 mm long top rail should be used when installing the Folding Concepta system together with the Concepta, the latter must be ordered separately.


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All Variations

SKUPriceDoor height, mmSideFinishLength of upper rail, mm:QuantityAdd to Cart
HAWA27636£1,732.43 (ex. VAT) £2,078.92 (inc. VAT)1250-1850LeftAluminum1420
HAWA27637£1,732.43 (ex. VAT) £2,078.92 (inc. VAT)1250-1850RightAluminum1420
HAWA27640£1,904.23 (ex. VAT) £2,285.08 (inc. VAT)1250-1850LeftBlack1420
HAWA27641£1,904.23 (ex. VAT) £2,285.08 (inc. VAT)1250-1850RightBlack1420
HAWA27638£1,876.54 (ex. VAT) £2,251.85 (inc. VAT)1851-2600LeftAluminum1420
HAWA27639£1,876.54 (ex. VAT) £2,251.85 (inc. VAT)1851-2600RightAluminum1420
HAWA27644£2,005.95 (ex. VAT) £2,407.14 (inc. VAT)1851-2600LeftAluminum2120
HAWA27645£2,005.95 (ex. VAT) £2,407.14 (inc. VAT)1851-2600RightAluminum2120
HAWA27642£2,065.99 (ex. VAT) £2,479.19 (inc. VAT)1851-2600LeftBlack1420
HAWA27643£2,066.01 (ex. VAT) £2,479.21 (inc. VAT)1851-2600RightBlack1420
HAWA27646£2,066.01 (ex. VAT) £2,479.21 (inc. VAT)1851-2600LeftBlack2120
HAWA27647£2,005.95 (ex. VAT) £2,407.14 (inc. VAT)1851-2600RightBlack2120

Installation and fine adjustment: