Hawa Porta 100 H Sliding Door System


Hawa Porta 100H Sliding Pocket Door System. Hawa Sliding Solutions developed the Porta to be very similar to the Junior 80 but as a new inexpensive option.

  • The Porta 100H is designed for one wooden door weighing up to 100 kg.
  • This is the standard system for reliable ceiling or wall mounting with an installation height of 53 to 59 mm.
  • Easy door processing.
  • Optimum running characteristics thanks to ball bearing-mounted running gear.
  • Bottom guide with ball-beared roller.
  • Adjustable stopper retaining force.
  • Fittings available individually or in set with track.
  • Door thickness 30-80 mm.


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Installation instructions for Porta 100H

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All Variations

SKUPriceDescriptionQuantityAdd to Cart
HAWA057.3179.250.£148.48 (ex. VAT) £178.17 (inc. VAT)Retainer Profile Assembly 2.5M Track
HAWA057.3179.200.£119.48 (ex. VAT) £143.37 (inc. VAT)Retainer Profile Assembly 2M Track
HAWA042.3102.071£143.85 (ex. VAT) £172.62 (inc. VAT)Soft Close 1x pcs
HAWA057.3016.601.£229.68 (ex. VAT) £275.61 (inc. VAT)6.0M Track
HAWA057.3016.251.£95.70 (ex. VAT) £114.84 (inc. VAT)2.5M Track
HAWA057.3016.201.£76.56 (ex. VAT) £91.87 (inc. VAT)2M Track
HAWA057.3141.071£213.04 (ex. VAT) £255.65 (inc. VAT)Fitting Set for 1 Door + 2M Track
HAWA057.3139.071£113.38 (ex. VAT) £136.06 (inc. VAT)Fitting Set for 1 Door