System “495” with shelves LIRO


Innovative design solution: the oak inserts ordered separately from us or any other 6 mm thick inserts can be placed on the sides of the shelves, so you can personalize your kitchen design.

  • Improved smooth braking system: Integrated SoftStopp (top runner) and SoftStop Plus (bottom runner) closing mechanisms and automatic synchronization ensure even softer closure. Soft opening feature can be added with installing Softopen device.
  • Easy installation and adjustment.
  • New highly attractive design shelves can be equipped with a silicone, heat resistant non-slip mats, which can be easily removed and cleaned. Liro shelf has an extremely high space utilization factor. Closed bases prevent stored items from falling out.
  • Set consists of 5 shelves.

 Download mounting instructions.



All Variations

SKUPriceCabinet width, mmInternal cabinet heightFinishQuantityAdd to Cart
PE.K400.1923.LIRP£651.53 (ex. VAT) £781.84 (inc. VAT)400min. 1805mm-2260mmAluminum
PE.K400.1620.LIRP£649.65 (ex. VAT) £779.58 (inc. VAT)400min 1600mm-2000mmAluminum
PE.K400.1923.LIRA£682.73 (ex. VAT) £819.28 (inc. VAT)400min. 1805mm-2260mmAnthracite
PE.K400.1620.LIRA£671.33 (ex. VAT) £805.59 (inc. VAT)400min 1600mm-2000mmAnthracite
PE.K400.1923.LIRB£651.53 (ex. VAT) £781.84 (inc. VAT)400min. 1805mm-2260mmWhite
PE.K400.1620.LIRB£649.65 (ex. VAT) £779.58 (inc. VAT)400min 1600mm-2000mmWhite
PE.K300.1923.LIRA£637.89 (ex. VAT) £765.47 (inc. VAT)300min. 1805mm-2260mmAnthracite
PE.K300.1620.LIRA£626.49 (ex. VAT) £751.79 (inc. VAT)300min 1600mm-2000mmAnthracite
PE.K300.1923.LIRB£608.37 (ex. VAT) £730.04 (inc. VAT)300min. 1805mm-2260mmWhite
PE.K300.1620.LIRB£608.37 (ex. VAT) £730.04 (inc. VAT)300min 1600mm-2000mmWhite
PE.K300.1923.LIRP£608.37 (ex. VAT) £730.04 (inc. VAT)300min. 1805mm-2260mmAluminum
PE.K300.1620.LIRP£606.48 (ex. VAT) £727.77 (inc. VAT)300min 1600mm-2000mmAluminum