Slim vertical folding bed mechanism – functional and practical space saving solution. To be used in cabinets with minimum depth of 350mm, with a standard dimension mattress (height – 200mm). The mechanism can be adapted for different mattress dimensions, please see the table in the catalogue page below. The handling mechanism is controlled by gas springs to ensure a smooth and safe opening and closing motion.

  • Bed base and matters: 1600×2000
  • Total H of structure: 2320.
  • Width of structure: 1693.
  • Height of structure: 2160.
  • Min. Depth of structure: 350.
  • Min. thickness of side: 25.
  • Max. thickness of door: 18.
  • Door weight approximate: 47 kg (±4%).

Set is composed of:

  • no. 01 SLATTED BED BASE (tube profile: bed sides, footboard and headboard side 50x25mms) with synchronized bed leg and transmission system for legs; belts to hold the mattress in place; standard mattress stoppers;
  • no. 01 MECHANISM KIT with gas springs and with standard safety covers.


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