Pull-out frame FLAT



  • Clip-on baskets with white melamine base.
  • Soft closing.
  • Maximum load 120 kg
  • Roller runner.
  • Available in Anthracite or Chrome finishes.
  • Product length : 495 mm.

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*Upon request. Delivery time 4-5 weeks.
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All Variations

SKUPriceCabinet width, mmInternal cabinet heightNumber of shelvesFinishQuantityAdd to Cart
MC490340.A£544.40 (ex. VAT) £653.28 (inc. VAT)500min 1200mm-1600mm4Anthracite
MC490340.C£544.40 (ex. VAT) £653.28 (inc. VAT)500min 1200mm-1600mm4Chrome
MC490350.A£619.73 (ex. VAT) £743.68 (inc. VAT)500min 1600mm-2000mm5Anthracite
MC490350.C£619.73 (ex. VAT) £743.68 (inc. VAT)500min 1600mm-2000mm5Chrome
MC490360.A£703.38 (ex. VAT) £844.06 (inc. VAT)500min 1900mm-2300mm6Anthracite
MC490360.C£703.38 (ex. VAT) £844.06 (inc. VAT)500min 1900mm-2300mm6Chrome
MC490370.A£660.64 (ex. VAT) £792.77 (inc. VAT)600min 1200mm-1600mm4Anthracite
MC490370.C£562.88 (ex. VAT) £675.46 (inc. VAT)600min 1200mm-1600mm4Chrome
MC490380.A£647.02 (ex. VAT) £776.42 (inc. VAT)600min 1600mm-2000mm5Anthracite
MC490380.C£647.02 (ex. VAT) £776.42 (inc. VAT)600min 1600mm-2000mm5Chrome
MC490390.A£736.40 (ex. VAT) £883.68 (inc. VAT)600min 1900mm-2300mm6Anthracite
MC490390.C£736.40 (ex. VAT) £883.68 (inc. VAT)600min 1900mm-2300mm6Chrome
MC490310.A£522.36 (ex. VAT) £626.83 (inc. VAT)450min 1200mm-1600mm4Anthracite
MC490310.C£613.08 (ex. VAT) £735.70 (inc. VAT)450min 1200mm-1600mm4Chrome
MC490320.A£593.28 (ex. VAT) £711.94 (inc. VAT)450min 1600mm-2000mm5Anthracite
MC490320.C£593.28 (ex. VAT) £711.94 (inc. VAT)450min 1600mm-2000mm5Chrome
MC490330.A£672.57 (ex. VAT) £807.08 (inc. VAT)450min 1900mm-2300mm6Anthracite
MC490330.C£672.57 (ex. VAT) £807.08 (inc. VAT)450min 1900mm-2300mm6Chrome
MC490280.A£508.69 (ex. VAT) £610.43 (inc. VAT)400min 1200mm-1600mm4Anthracite
MC490280.C£508.69 (ex. VAT) £610.43 (inc. VAT)400min 1200mm-1600mm4Chrome
MC490290.A£580.04 (ex. VAT) £696.05 (inc. VAT)400min 1600mm-2000mm5Anthracite
MC490290.C£580.04 (ex. VAT) £696.05 (inc. VAT)400min 1600mm-2000mm5Chrome
MC490300.A£657.11 (ex. VAT) £788.53 (inc. VAT)400min 1900mm-2300mm6Anthracite
MC490300.C£657.11 (ex. VAT) £788.53 (inc. VAT)400min 1900mm-2300mm6Chrome
MC490220.A£500.33 (ex. VAT) £600.40 (inc. VAT)300/350min 1200mm-1600mm4Anthracite
MC490220.C£500.33 (ex. VAT) £600.40 (inc. VAT)300/350min 1200mm-1600mm4Chrome
MC490230.A£665.08 (ex. VAT) £798.10 (inc. VAT)300/350min 1600mm-2000mm5Anthracite
MC490230.C£566.87 (ex. VAT) £680.24 (inc. VAT)300/350min 1600mm-2000mm5Chrome
MC490240.A£753.21 (ex. VAT) £903.85 (inc. VAT)300/350min 1900mm-2300mm6Anthracite
MC490240.C£641.74 (ex. VAT) £770.09 (inc. VAT)300/350min 1900mm-2300mm6Chrome