Hawa Porta 100 HC Sliding Door System


Hawa Porta 100 HC Sliding Pocket Door System

  • Flexibility: Wall mounting with integrated clip-on panelling in wood or aluminium with stylish end pieces
  • Productivity: Retrofitting of all components through the provided assembly opening, prevents contamination during construction
  • Aesthetics: Also available in black as a “Black Edition” design option for a particularly attractive appearance
  • Max. Load capacity: 100 kg (220 lbs.)
  • Max. Height: 2700 mm (8’10 5/16”)
  • Max. Width: 1600 mm (5’3”)
  • Door thickness: 30–45 mm (1 3/16” to 1 25/32”)


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Parts List and Installation Examples

Installation instructions for Porta 100 HC

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All Variations

SKUPriceDescriptionQuantityAdd to Cart
HAWA057.3139.071.£113.38 (ex. VAT) £136.06 (inc. VAT)Fitting Set for 1 Door
HAWA057.3143.071£362.21 (ex. VAT) £434.65 (inc. VAT)Fitting Set with 2M Panel & 2M Track
HAWA057.3112.250.£136.30 (ex. VAT) £163.56 (inc. VAT)2.5M Track
HAWA057.3112.350£189.80 (ex. VAT) £227.76 (inc. VAT)3.5M Track
HAWA057.3112.650£307.98 (ex. VAT) £369.57 (inc. VAT)6.0M Track
HAWA042.3004.250£61.26 (ex. VAT) £73.51 (inc. VAT)2.5M Panel
HAWA042.3004.350£85.77 (ex. VAT) £102.92 (inc. VAT)3.5M Panel
HAWA042.3004.600.£147.03 (ex. VAT) £176.43 (inc. VAT)6.0M Panel
HAWA057.3117.001.£8.84 (ex. VAT) £10.61 (inc. VAT)Clip-on Components for Panel (Required)
HAWA057.3132.072£16.09 (ex. VAT) £19.31 (inc. VAT)End Cap Set (Required)
HAWA042.3028.076£51.91 (ex. VAT) £62.29 (inc. VAT)Panel End Component Set (Optional)
HAWA042.3102.072£143.83 (ex. VAT) £172.60 (inc. VAT)Soft Close 1x pcs (10-60KG)
042.3102.071£143.83 (ex. VAT) £172.60 (inc. VAT)Soft Close 1x pcs (61-100KG)