Hawa Junior 80 B Sliding Interior Door System


Hawa Junior 80 B Modified Sliding Interior Pocket Door System is a combination of tried-and-tested HAWA-Junior components and a cleverly developed new suspension unit and a new track stop. Both innovations stand out as they are very simple to adjust and make installation so much easier.

The suspension trolley houses both the suspension unit and the assembly wedge for innovative installation. The integrated multi-functional cover cap made of metal not only serves as a filigree cover, it also functions as a locking mechanism and as a handle for pulling out the suspension trolley.

The track stop with adjustable retaining force is characterised by a new design. It is obvious which screws are used for fixing and which ones adjust the retention force to suit the weight of the door. The integrated metal cover cap conceals the integrated technique at the flick of a finger.

  • Maximum door weight 80 kg (176 lbs.)
  • Adjustable vertically ± 7 mm
    (coarse adjustment ± 3 mm, fine adjustment ± 4 mm)
  • Low headroom applications: around 1 mm gap between top track and sliding door
  • Suspension unit with a suspension profile and an user-friendly suspension trolley with an integrated metal cover cap
  • The suspension unit is fitted to the trolley from below using the suspension screw
  • Height adjustment is easily made from the leading edge without the need of extracting the suspension unit
  • Track stop, adjustable retaining force and cover flap
  • Smooth and quiet operation
  • mooth and quiet operation Both door edges must be accessible at all times for assembly
  • Set with a 20 mm longer hanger bolt is available
  • Can be combined with soft closing mechanism SoftMove 80 for Hawa Junior 80


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All Variations

SKUPriceDescriptionQuantityAdd to Cart
22444£137.25 (ex. VAT) £164.70 (inc. VAT)Soft closing mechanism SoftMove 80
24617£317.63 (ex. VAT) £381.16 (inc. VAT)Set for 1 panel (without track)
24851£353.83 (ex. VAT) £424.60 (inc. VAT)With a 20 mm longer bolt M10 for 1 panel (without track)
10189£70.16 (ex. VAT) £84.19 (inc. VAT)Top track 1400 mm alu plain anodized; predrilled
10190£80.73 (ex. VAT) £96.87 (inc. VAT)Top track 1600 mm alu plain anodized; predrilled
10191£91.10 (ex. VAT) £109.32 (inc. VAT)Top track 1800 mm alu plain anodized; predrilled
10192£100.66 (ex. VAT) £120.79 (inc. VAT)Top track 2000 mm alu plain anodized; predrilled
10193£111.23 (ex. VAT) £133.48 (inc. VAT)Top track 2200 mm alu plain anodized; predrilled
10194£126.08 (ex. VAT) £151.30 (inc. VAT)Top track 2500 mm alu plain anodized; predrilled
10186£302.58 (ex. VAT) £363.10 (inc. VAT)Top track 6000 mm alu plain anodized; predrilled