Drop down mechanism K12


Drop down mechanism K12.

  • Reduced size and minimal design provides a new concept of elegance in all details.
  • Once you begin to open the door, it continues to open gently and completely by itself.
  • Easy-to-install solution that makes additional screws unnecessary, improving the aesthetic and reducing assembling time
  • Gas stays are made in Germany
  • In accordance with Italian Regulation UNI 8607/05 Level 5.



£0.70£18.79 (ex. VAT)

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IF4808-01£0.70 (ex. VAT)Side plate fastened with screws (nickel plated)
IF4808-11£0.70 (ex. VAT)Drop down mechanism bracket, fastened with screws (nickel plated)
IF4804-11|A£0.98 (ex. VAT)Drop down mechanism bracket, milled (nickel plated)
IF4805-02£18.79 (ex. VAT)Drop down mechanism K12, L,mm : 164