Cinetto PS66 Sliding system for retractable glass doors


  • Thanks to the innovative technology that works without upper and lower rails, PS66 allowes you to obtain a clean and linear result.
  • Additional electronic door opening / closing system, supplied upon request can be retrofitted at any time.
  • Max. door weigt 50 kg.
  • Glass thickness – 8 mm.
  • Softspace soft closing system included.
  • Minimum distance between doors and floor or ceiling is only 12 mm.
  • The distance between the module of retractable doors and the ceiling can be any, including zero.
  • Door width 600 – 1000 mm. p>
  • The minimum width of the module is 1062 mm (1262 mm, if mounted together with an electronic opening/closing system).
  • The height of the system is 2100 – 3000 mm.
  • Convenient height adjustment +/- 3 mm.
  • The PS66 system is available on request. Delivery in 5-6 weeks.

Technical information

Mounting instructions.

The PS66 system is available on request. Delivery in 5-6 weeks.



All Variations

SKUPriceHeight of system, mm:SideQuantityAdd to Cart
CI.PS66SH2100K£1,347.01 (ex. VAT) £1,616.41 (inc. VAT)2100 - 2400Left
CI.PS66SH2100D£1,347.01 (ex. VAT) £1,616.41 (inc. VAT)2100 - 2400Right
CI.PS66SH2400K£1,347.01 (ex. VAT) £1,616.41 (inc. VAT)2400 - 2700Left
CI.PS66SH2400D£1,347.01 (ex. VAT) £1,616.41 (inc. VAT)2400 - 2700Right
CI.PS66SH2700K£1,414.37 (ex. VAT) £1,697.24 (inc. VAT)2700 - 3000Left
CI.PS66SH2700D£1,414.37 (ex. VAT) £1,697.24 (inc. VAT)2700 - 3000Right

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