• Suitable for modular furniture with plinth of min. 20mm (IF6565-470) or min. 38,5mm (IF6565-480).
    Capable of supporting a 175 kg load each.
  • The zinc alloy die-cast foot, is provided with an indipen- dent engineering plastic glide in order to make the adjustment easier and to prevent the scratching of the floor too.
  • Height adjustment: 0-12 mm (IF6565-470) or  0-25 mm (IF6565-480).
  • A Ø8mm through hole in the furniture bottom, allows to adjust the leveler from the above, by using a S4mm allen  wrench or both cross and blade screwdriver.
  • If a leveler is used with connecting fitting TARGET J12, adjustment is made through the pinion screw with S4mm allen wrench.