Drop down mechanism “KRABY”


Drop down mechanism KRABY.

  • Mechanism is design for doors which are opened down
  • Once you begin to open the door, it continues to open gently and completely by itself.
  • To change the time in opening and closing of the door by adjusting the position of the piston base plate within the “U” slot of the side bracket.
  • Suitable for mounting in a wooden or aluminum profile doors.
  • Mounting in a narrow profile doors bracket adapter is required.
  • Gas stays are made in Germany.
  • Maximum door width – 1200 mm.

This product requires : 

  1. Automatic opening mechanism bracket (nickel plated)


2. Side plate with 2pcs. pins ø=5 mm (nickel plated)


2. Side plate fastened with screws (nickel plated)

Adapters for aluminum frame door

Download mounting instructions