GRASS TIOMOS 110° hinge AL


  • 110° opening angle.
  • Optimum gap widths for aluminium frames with a frame thickness of up to 24 mm and a frame width of 22 mm.
  • Hinge not visible from the outside.
  • Convenient depth adjustment via worm gear.
  • 4-dimensional adjustment with appropriate mounting plate.



All Variations

SKUPriceAngleTechnologyHinge typeQuantityAdd to Cart
GR.LALVS £2.58 (ex. VAT) £3.10 (inc. VAT)0° (Standard)Without soft closeInset
GR.LALVN £2.83 (ex. VAT) £3.40 (inc. VAT)0° (Standard)UnsprungInset
GR.LALVB £2.58 (ex. VAT) £3.10 (inc. VAT)0° (Standard)Soft closeInset
GR.LALPS £2.64 (ex. VAT) £3.17 (inc. VAT)0° (Standard)Without soft closeHalf overlay
GR.LALPN £2.94 (ex. VAT) £3.53 (inc. VAT)0° (Standard)UnsprungHalf overlay
GR.LALPB £3.33 (ex. VAT) £3.99 (inc. VAT)0° (Standard)Soft closeHalf overlay