PS65 Sliding Door System


Cinetto PS65 Sliding Door System

  • 60 kg for one door
  • The system requires only the top rail.
  •  Wooden door thickness 40 mm (+ -1mm)
  • Fillers available for doors made of profiles: 4/6 mm glass or 8 mm wooden panel
  • The Softspace soft soft-close system is mounted on the top rail, making it invisible.
  • Convenient vertical adjustment of mechanisms +/- 4,5 mm.
  • Additional vertical upper rail adjustment +/- 5 mm if the rail is attached to the ceiling with extended pins).
  • Fasteners on the top rail for camouflaged wooden panels when the
  • Double top rail is fastened with extended pins.
  • The set of details of the Pack system will allow connecting several doors to open one after the other like the principle of “telescope”.


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