Sliding doors system “Eku Clipo 15 SH IF”


  • “Eku Clipo 15 SH IF” system is for 2 sliding doors.
  • Maximum door weight: 15 kg.
  • Guide element are fixing on the bottom of cabinet, bottom rail is milling to bottom of doors.
  • Can be chosen 2 types of upper running rail: with  screw holes and two notches at each end of running rail or with rotating fasteners and two notches at each end of running rail (not suitable for hard wood).
  • Height adjustment about 1,5 mm.
  • Maximum door height: 1400 mm.
  • Maximum door width: 1000 mm.
  • Door thickness: 16 and 19 mm.


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£23.88£124.63 (ex. VAT)

All Variations

SKUPriceProduct typePanel thickness, mmLength, mmQuantityAdd to Cart
942572-74£124.63 (ex. VAT)Set of „Clipo 15 SH IF“ system, for 2 wooden doorsN/AN/A
952538-73£108.63 (ex. VAT)Single aluminium running rail, upper, for press fittingmin. 193500
952558-76£57.82 (ex. VAT)Single aluminium running rail, upper, with screw holesmin. 252500
942443-79£23.88 (ex. VAT)Guide rail, lower, with harpoon ribsN/A2500