“Slidebox” drawer H-199 mm


  • With heightened plate system for glass (without glass)
  • Synchronized runner parts movement without tapping
  • Ultimate stability, minimal hang down of heavy drawers
  • Dynamic load capacity – 45kg
  • Available lengths 350 – 550 mm.

Mounting scheme



All Variations

SKUPriceLength, mmFinishQuantityAdd to Cart
KSB-054B£45.18 (ex. VAT) £54.22 (inc. VAT)350White
KSB-054P£45.18 (ex. VAT) £54.22 (inc. VAT)350Grey
KSB-055B£45.18 (ex. VAT) £54.22 (inc. VAT)400White
KSB-055P£45.18 (ex. VAT) £54.22 (inc. VAT)400Grey
KSB-056B£46.03 (ex. VAT) £55.23 (inc. VAT)450White
KSB-056P£46.03 (ex. VAT) £55.23 (inc. VAT)450Grey
KSB-057B£46.53 (ex. VAT) £55.84 (inc. VAT)500White
KSB-057P£46.53 (ex. VAT) £55.84 (inc. VAT)500Grey
KSB-058B£47.70 (ex. VAT) £57.24 (inc. VAT)550White
KSB-058P£47.70 (ex. VAT) £57.24 (inc. VAT)550Grey