PINELLO TOWEL base unit pull-out


For storing and drying towels out of sight. Ingeniously shaped support rails stop towels from slipping. A great solution for those small spaces around the sink.
  • Innovative design solution: the oak inserts ordered separately from us or any other 6 mm thick inserts can be placed on   the sides of the shelves, so you can personalize your kitchen design.
  • Maximum use of width thanks to thin-walled shelves.
  • Optional extra shelf makes maximum use of height. Up to four levels possible with just one pair of runners
  • Pinello baskets are supplied with 500 mm rather than 450 mm long rails, the shelves are longer and therefore larger than most analogues on the market.
  • Contents don’t slip thanks to removable non-slip silicone mats, which are heat resistant.
  • Closed shelf bases stop bottles from toppling and small items from falling through.
  • Wide range of additional accessories, allows to adjust the shelves to everyone’s needs: additional shelf – for high cabinets, holder for bottles – recommended for use on the bottom shelf when no wooden inserts are used, magnetic separators.
  • Built-in Softclose mechanism ensures that the unit can be closed smoothly and silently.
  • Push-to-open mechanism available as an option for handle-free fronts
  • Load capacity: 0-30 kg.
  • Cabinet width, mm: 300.
  • Dimensions, mm : 262-268x506x660

 Download mounting instructions.



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