Oplà Top – Pull-out worktop flush with top


The system allows to quickly add an extra worktop to your furniture by pulling it out from under the cabinet top. It only takes one gesture, and Oplà Top is positioned flush with the top above it. The immediate solution to enjoy an additional surface in any environment, especially in the kitchen, while cooking or having a quick snack.

  • Finish: Stainless steel bronze
  • Load capacity: 40 kg equally distributed
  • Sliding: Aluminum / Aluminum
  • Cabinet width,mm: 450, 600, 900, 1200.
  • Extended table length,mm : 500.

* The article does not provide for the supply of wooden parts.

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All Variations

SKUPriceCabinet width, mmQuantityAdd to Cart
IM.411/78.1780.22£313.23 (ex. VAT) £375.88 (inc. VAT)1200
IM.411/78.1770.22£313.23 (ex. VAT) £375.88 (inc. VAT)900
IM.411/78.1760.22£313.23 (ex. VAT) £375.88 (inc. VAT)600
IM.411/78.1750.22£313.23 (ex. VAT) £375.88 (inc. VAT)450