Lamello 60cm Carcass Clamping Set


Clamping set is a system for glueing cabinets and various other components in furniture production and is an addition to the Lamello System. The clamping set consists of profile sections to protect the edges, 8 meter long straps with tensioners and two tension hooks. Unlike with screw clamps, the pressure distribution is always uniform, which means furniture is automatically clamped at right angles regardless of whether the panels are glued in a butt or mitre joint. Clamping set is ideal for drawers, cabinets, frames or wall and floor panels.

Set includes:

  • 2 clamps
  • 2 belts 8m
  • 4 pcs profiles 60 cm wide
  • 2 pcs tension hooks

Technical information

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£218.41 (ex. VAT) £262.09 (inc. VAT)