HAWA Junior 80/B-Pocket


HAWA Junior 80/B-Pocket is the new pocket solution for wooden sliding doors weighing up to 80 kg. Fitting and removing the top track is always possible even in fixed pocket structures thanks to the retainer profile with a bayonet lock. All of the components can be replaced and extended at any time. Furthermore, the high degree of pre-assembly also prevents contamination of the top track during the construction phase. The suspension unit designed specifically for pocket installation, the clip-on cover suitable for concealed mounting, the new rattle-proof floor guide and a door push-out round off the comprehensive HAWA-Junior 80/B-Pocket solution.

  • Maximum door weight 80 kg
  • Door width: 700–1500 mm
  • Door thickness: 40–50 mm
  • Adjustable vertically ±3 mm, with integrated anti-twist protection
  • Horizontal longitudinal adjustment range in the bayonet ±8 mm
  • Suspension with retainer profile and integrated suspension trolley
  • Door is easier to slide into the pocket
  • The end position can be adjusted via the suspension trolley in the pocket when the door is open
  • Rattle-proof top track assembly
  • Laterally adjustable rattle-proof floor-mounted guide
  • Separating layer between top track and retainer profile reduces vibration transmission (structure-borne noise)
  • Removable top track up to 3 m (even in fixed pocket structures
  • Components in the top track can be replaced or added to as required at any time
  • Door push-out can be integrated in the top track
  • Clip-on cover for concealed attachment of the lintel panelling up to a material thickness of 40 mm
  • Can be combined with soft closing mechanism SoftMove 80 for HAWA-Junior 80

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£70.16£332.88 (ex. VAT)

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25074£296.69 (ex. VAT)HAWA-Junior 80/B-Pocket, set for 1 panel
26014£332.88 (ex. VAT)HAWA-Junior 80/B-Pocket, with a 20 mm longer bolt M10 for 1 panel (without track)
H-10189£70.16 (ex. VAT)Top track 1400 mm, alu plain anodized, predrilled (type Junior 80)
H-10190£80.73 (ex. VAT)Top track 1600 mm, alu plain anodized, predrilled (type Junior 80)
H-10191£91.10 (ex. VAT)Top track 1800 mm, alu plain anodized, predrilled (type Junior 80)
H-10192£100.66 (ex. VAT)Top track 2000 mm, alu plain anodized, predrilled (type Junior 80)
H-10193£111.23 (ex. VAT)Top track 2200 mm, alu plain anodized, predrilled (type Junior 80)
H-10194£126.08 (ex. VAT)Top track 2500 mm, alu plain anodized, predrilled (type Junior 80)
H-10186£302.58 (ex. VAT)Top track 6000 mm, alu plain anodized, predrilled (type Junior 80)