GRASS NEXIS Click-on angle corner cabinet hinges


  • With self-closing mechanism (spring).
  • 3-dimensional adjustment with appropriate mounting plate.
  • 95° opening angle of positive angle hinges.
  • 125° opening angle of negative angle hinges.
  • Range of angles from -45° till +90° with different mounting plates.



All Variations

SKUPriceAngleTechnologyOpening angleHinge typeQuantityAdd to Cart
GR.LN20PS £1.64 (ex. VAT) £1.97 (inc. VAT)20°Without soft close95°For angled cabinets
GR.LN30PS £1.64 (ex. VAT) £1.97 (inc. VAT)30°Without soft close95°Half overlay
GR.LN30VS £1.74 (ex. VAT) £2.09 (inc. VAT)30°Without soft close95°Inset
GR.LN45PS £1.74 (ex. VAT) £2.09 (inc. VAT)45°Without soft close95°Half overlay
GR.LN45VN £1.74 (ex. VAT) £2.09 (inc. VAT)45°Unsprung95°Inset
GR.LN-14PS £1.97 (ex. VAT) £2.36 (inc. VAT)-14°Without soft close125°Half overlay
GR.LN-24PS £1.97 (ex. VAT) £2.36 (inc. VAT)-24°Unsprung125°Half overlay
GR.LN-45PS £1.97 (ex. VAT) £2.36 (inc. VAT)-45°Without soft close125°For angled cabinets